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3. Reduced Male Pressure

4 Benefits of Female-Only Gun Classes

The female body is different than a male body, which means the postures and positions used with male shooters will not universally convert to female body positions. Females need to consider the size of their chest, the positioning of their arms, and the way they hold a gun.

The body positions provide extra comfort when handling a gun. Some courses may include further steps like holding a gun and aiming properly when wearing high heels or some other form of a rising footwear. The body positions will help you reduce back pain and ensure your shots go off smoothly.

Many times, you will have a female instructor with years of experience. When working with a woman, you can openly discuss questions about your body and the best way to handle various poses. Other women in the course can also give tips and share ideas, especially if you have similar body shapes.

Author: Osseo Gun Club
July 14, 2021

Women often rely on self-defense classes to feel safe when traveling alone or if they find themselves in potentially dangerous situations. And a pistol class is not just about shooting to eliminate an enemy. Pistol training may include very specific details on self-defense. For example, you can learn where to aim to stop a threat without the need for a loss of life - especially if the threat is someone who is bigger or stronger than you.

Instructors will teach you how to conceal a gun, load the weapon, and prepare for defensive shooting as needed. You can pair your self-defense gun techniques with any physical classes you've had and have a well-rounded collection of self-defense options.

1. Body Positions

4. Friends & Bonding

Gun training and permit education is open to multiple genders, with several co-ed training options. You also have the chance to take female-only classes where only ladies can attend. The class options vary and include beginner courses along with special permit classes.

Attending a class with only other women comes with multiple benefits. Learn about the benefits and how you can thrive in a class dedicated to female gun owners.

2. Self-Defense Techniques

Mixing genders in a pistol training course comes with many different dynamics. In society, the use of guns has traditionally been a male-driven sport. By taking a course with only females, you can reduce pressure and feel comfortable with your surroundings. The natural competition or intimidation will dissipate and you can focus on your pistol skills rather than gender dynamics.

When women work together, the experience can become fulfilling, bonding, and result in a memorable time. As mentioned before, many of the courses will also feature a female instructor. Working with a female can help open up communication and break down any walls that may occur otherwise.

If you want to turn your pistol training into a hobby, then an all-female class is an ideal way to get the process started. You will find other female shooters with the same passion as you. Along with training classes, gun ranges have a lot of open dates and events where you can go and shoot.

After bonding with other female shooters, set up a regular group where everyone can meet together to shoot on the gun range. The bonds you build can extend for multiple years and include a lot of new traditions. 

Along with making new friends, you could join female classes with some of your current friends. The classes are an ideal way to expand the friendship. You could also sign up friends for the class as a special birthday or holiday gift. 

Find out more information on our gun training courses and permit classes at Osseo Gun Club. We can accommodate to your needs have a constant rotation of female-only classes. Check out our calendar to see a full list of upcoming course options.

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