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Glock Blue Label at Osseo Gun Club Minneapolis,MN

The Saturday Action League meets on Saturdays and is open to both men and women experienced shooters who can show firearm & safety proficiency*  

Saturdays starting at 4pm ( check in)  Call for dates & times during summer months.

To participate complete the below form
Fees and Registration:

Registration: $20.00 ( Paid first night of league)
Course of Fire (weekly): $20.00*

* Shoot in main bay after at no charge.
Saturday starting at 4pm during Fall /Winter.
Up to 50 Rounds total per night. ( Brass/Steel Cased ball ammo only)

Equipment Requirements:
Any center fire semi-automatic pistol is allowed ­- .45 caliber maximum. Iron, optical or electronic (non-projecting) sights are allowed no lasers).

Gun case ­with zipper or a Velcro or snap closure (pistol case), 3 magazines w/15rd capacity. Suppressors are allowed as long as they can be safely and fully re-cased after each position.

The purpose of this league is to enhance your ability to shoot more accurately at a competitive pace. It will also teach you to shoot an array of targets more efficiently.

Each competitor will shoot from various designated positions. You will shoot 3 individual “strings”  at a various number targets each. Your final recorded time will be the best 2 out of 3 strings. Penalties for shooting the targets in the incorrect order or misses will be added to your time. The “shooter’s box” positions will be set each week along with the targets arranged to further challenge your abilities. The distance to each target will vary each week, as well.

 Double/single action firearms (DA/SA) must be fired double action on first shot. The hammer must be decocked before starting.
Single action firearms (SA) with safeties shall start cocked and safety on. SA firearms without safeties will start uncocked (hammer down).
SA semi-autos without exposed hammers shall start with slide locked back. 

Scoring will be based on number of rounds hitting the target per course of fire.


*You must be familiar with your firearms functionality and safeties ,demonstrate proper firearm proficiency including proper safety etiquette to participate in this league. 

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