The Action Target League meets on Saturdays for 8 weeks in the Tactical Bay. The league is open to, both, men and women regardless of experience level.* You can shoot the semi-auto handgun of your choice. Each week you will shoot 5 scenarios with up to 10-rounds for each Course of Fire (COF). If your mag has less than 10 rounds, that's acceptable. Scoring is based on your individual ability using your handgun - not competing points against others. League starts at 3 pm with time slots at 3-4, 4-5 or 5-6pm. To participate complete the below form and choose your desired time slot. If needed we will add more slots if required.
On the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th weeks a new set of scenarios will be presented and shot. Targets will differ and be selected specifically for each COF. Targets will be turning and moving on edge and face, both, away and towards the shooter using the entire 25 meter range. In weeks 1 & 2 we will work on basic target acquisition of a moving/turning targets. In weeks 3 & 4 we will add ejecting and reloading mags while shooting the COF's. Each of two mags will have 5 rounds. In weeks 5 & 6 we will add shooting single (dominant) handed in most of the COF's. And in weeks 7 & 8, we will be incorporating all previous COF's into two weeks of action packed scenarios. 

Fees and Registration:

Registration: $20.00 ( Paid first night of league)
Course of Fire (weekly): $15.00*

* Shoot in main bay after at no charge.
Saturday starting at 3 pm for 8 weeks. (COF runs every 60 minutes)
50 Rounds total per night.

Equipment Requirements:
Any rimfire or centerfire semi-automatic pistol is allowed ­- .45 caliber maximum. Iron, optical or electronic (non-projecting) sights are allowed. Gun case ­with zipper, a Velcro or snap closure.

Shooting will start from the bench with gun low and safe - pointing down range with trigger finger on the frame only - NEVER INSIDE THE TRIGGER GUARD. Upon the end of the COF, the shooter will remove the mag, verify the chamber is empty, lock the slide back and place the pistol on the shooting table pointed down range for inspection. 

Double/single action firearms (DA/SA) must be fired double action on first shot. The hammer must be decocked before starting.
Single action firearms (SA) with safeties shall start cocked and safety on. SA firearms without safeties will start uncocked (hammer down).
SA semi-autos without exposed hammers shall start with slide locked back. 

Scoring will be based on number of round hit in the defined target area per course of fire.


*You must be familiar with your firearms functionality and safeties ,demonstrate proper firearm proficiency including proper safety etiquette to participate in this league.

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