Stealth Projec RECON-QD Recon-TI QD 308 Full Auto Rated - Quick Detach

SKU:  ae00-2096
Manufacturer Part #:  RECON-QD
The Fusion Series is our Helical Hybrid series of Suppressors. The Fusion Series contains a steel helical core and aluminum tube. Less weight then the Bolt Series but slightly heavier then the Maverick Series. The Fusion Suppressors also utilizes a single continuous attenuation chamber. An average of 30-50% more surface area than the basic baffle suppressor design which helps with heat dissipation. This means more rounds downrange in a shorter amount of time.
Manufacturer:Stealth Projec

308 Win

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SKU:  ae00-2096^RECON-QD
Manufacturer Part #:  RECON-QD
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