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Osseo Gun Club is your complete one stop shop !

We will get your NFA Trust established by a Licensed MN Attorney and  process your ATF Paperwork fast--  while you are waiting for your approval you can use your purchase on our range *

silencer co
silencers at Osseo Gun Club

To Purchase a Suppressor you must submit paperwork called a Form 4  ( Form 4 Link is here)

to the federal government and pay a tax of $200.00 for each NFA Item you purchase.

A Suppressor- Short Barreled Rifle- Machine Gun are All Considered an NFA Item .

The time to process this paperwork typically takes 5 to 6 months

  • When submitting this paperwork you can do it as :

1. An individual which requires you to then get fingerprinted and photographed .

2 Establishing a Trust ( Commonly known as a Gun or NFA Trust) & has the same requirements as above) but has additional benefits.

3 .Establishing or using your EXISTING Corporation- Yes Businesses may Purchase Suppressors- Short Barreled Rifles or Curio Machine Guns!

Osseo Gun Club will have a wide selection of various caliber suppressors priced from the low $300.00  to upper $3000.00 to choose from and can  help you submit your federal paperwork in an expedient manner.

Additionally we already have a wide variety of Suppressor ready Pistols in stock along with the capability of retrofitting many popular models of pistols and rifles with threaded barrels!

Silencers are now legal for ownership in Minnesota.

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