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Silencers are now legal for ownership in Minnesota.

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Osseo Gun Club is your complete one stop shop !

We will get your NFA Trust established by a Licensed MN Attorney and  process your ATF Paperwork fast--  while you are waiting for your approval you can use your purchase on our range *

Osseo Gun Club Your Gun Range & Gun Store in Minneapolis Minnesota

To Purchase a Suppressor you must submit paperwork called a Form 4  ( Form 4 Link is here)

to the federal government and pay a tax of $200.00 for each NFA Item you purchase.

A Suppressor- Short Barreled Rifle- Machine Gun are All Considered an NFA Item .

The time to process this paperwork typically takes 5 to 6 months

  • When submitting this paperwork you can do it as :

1. An individual which requires you to then get fingerprinted and photographed .

2 Establishing a Trust ( Commonly known as a Gun or NFA Trust) & has the same requirements as above) but has additional benefits.

3 .Establishing or using your EXISTING Corporation- Yes Businesses may Purchase Suppressors- Short Barreled Rifles or Curio Machine Guns!

Osseo Gun Club will have a wide selection of various caliber suppressors priced from the low $300.00  to upper $3000.00 to choose from and can  help you submit your federal paperwork in an expedient manner.

Additionally we already have a wide variety of Suppressor ready Pistols in stock along with the capability of retrofitting many popular models of pistols and rifles with threaded barrels!

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